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Follows-Chalk is a young (somewhere in his late teens) tribal living in the post apocalyptic landscape of what was once the southwestern United States in 2281. Chalk's tribe, the Dead Horses, were approached several years ago by Joshua Graham the then Malpais Legate of the infamous Ceasar's Legion. Having been forced from their land by enemies the Dead Horses had fallen back to Zion Canyon. There Graham moulded them into a tribe of warriors with the intent of absorbing them in to the Legion's army. After the first battle at Hoover Dam and his subsequent loss and fall from Caesar's favor, Graham returned to Zion and encouraged the Dead Horses to forge their own destiny. He's remained de facto war cheif of the tribe since his return. Needless to say, Joshua Graham viewed as something approaching a legendary figure by the Dead Horses, something evident when speaking to any of the tribe's members, Follows-Chalk included. In his own words: "If it wasn't for Joshua, the Dead Horses would still be the whipping boys of the Zion valley."

Follows-Chalk has been fascinated by what he calls "the civilized lands" since he was a young boy. At some point during his childhood he encountered a traveling musician and had been so amazed that there was a place in the world where someone could make a living by entertaining others, he decided that one day he would travel to this place to see such things for himself. Chalk's fascination with the outside world has not diminished with time. He disregards tribal custom of avoiding prewar locations and questions the Courier about what they have seen of the so called civilized lands as well.

Follows-Chalk stands at the unasuming height of five foot nine. He is heavily tattooed, a custom Dead Horses preform to commermorate their hunts, with olive skin, blue eyes and a lean, wiry frame. He will usually be dressed in te armor of his people ( and a head dress fashoned from a prewar baseball cap (

Follows-Chalk is from Fallout New Vegas, and is the property of Bethesda Softworks. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.
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